Reasons Emotional Leadership Is The New Indicator For Success

Gone are the days when the metric for success is based on the dollar amount in your bank, the achievements won, or the accolades collected While these are fabulous measures of ...

We Hear Them Roar:

Are Empowering Lyrics The New Trend In Pop Culture?


Augmented Reality Is Changing The Beauty Game

From roller coasters to video games, new virtual reality technology seems to be the new hip thing in tech. But while VR literally transposes you in the experience through special goggles or a headset, augmented reality apps...

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The Cyber Monday Effect

In a consumer culture that has dominated the entire millennium, buying at the holidays has become more important than the calendar holidays themselves, and none more so than the ever growing monster that is the weekend after Thanksgiving. The term Black Friday was coined in the 1960’s by Philadelphia police officers for the day after Thanksgiving when

there would be a rush to the big department stores after the country’s most gluttonous day for bags, rather than stomachs to be filled. Traffic jams and stewarding headaches became synonymous with the day for the police, but for the stores it was a matter of only one thing – profit...

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