Female TV Characters We Wish Would Run For President

It’s been a long couple of months since the the President was sworn into office, and for many, the only consolation being that he will be gone after four years.

Why Amal Clooney's Yellow Dress

Is The Wake Up Call We All Needed

How A Young Fashion CEO Recharged

This Chic Hungarian Brand

When Vivien Lászlóffy puts her mind to something, she excels.

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The Truth About Business:

Nice Gals Finish Last

Most of us would like to work for a company where we can trust leadership and fellow coworkers. After all we spend the better part of our lives at the office so a modicum of general goodwill and decorum is sensible.

But can companies fit that description and still obtain their goals and profits that shareholders expect? When it comes to success, many, albeit sadly, assume that reaching the top requires ethical compromises.

This Tiny Dog (And His Mom)

Are Making A Big Difference

They say never to bring a dog or a baby onto a stage because they will steal the show. In the case of a little mixed breed pup named Norbert, his human Julie Steines is totally fine with his getting all the attention.

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From India To The World Bank:

Here's What I Learned

Growing up in India as a 12-year-old, I dream of working at the World Bank.

Little did I know I’d find myself an entrepreneur in the U.S. with restaurants in NYC and Chicago, a few careers and many decades into the future.

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Tips For Those In Need Of A Financial Facelift

Regardless of your current situation with money, most of us would like to have more and here are 10 things you can do to change your financial situation and have fun doing it.

A Professional Ballerina On Food

And How It Shaped Her Second Career

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